The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church

Being a “disciple of Jesus Christ” is about more than just believing; it’s about “Becoming.” Becoming like the one we claim to believe, by loving others more and more. That’s what being a disciple is all about: Walking in the footsteps of the one we follow.

How does one “become” like Jesus?

By “trusting.”

  • Trusting that Jesus’ life offered on the cross was sufficient for our reconciliation with God.
  • Trusting that Jesus’ will for our life is good, and the key to living our best lives, even if it’s difficult.

We express this kind of “trust” publicly through the “Profession of Faith,” and we demonstrate it through our selfless loving service to others.

Like Jesus’ first disciples, this work of “becoming” involves observation. Observing the example of Jesus as recorded in scripture (deliberate Bible study)- Observing Jesus through the living examples of sincere disciples who love others with the same purity of heart that Jesus loved with.

Observation leads to emulation. We “become” disciples as we endeavor to emulate our teacher, Jesus. Will it come easily? Will it come quickly? Probably not; but by the the grace of God and the powerful work of Holy Spirit within us, it will most certainly come. By the grace of God, we “become” disciples of Jesus Christ; “for the transformation of the world;” and for the glory of God.

Are you interested in BECOMING a disciple of Jesus Christ?
Get involved! It’s through involvement that you get to observe disciples at work, doing their best to love others like Jesus would.
Join a bible study! Study the example of God in the flesh: Jesus!
Make a commitment: Profess your faith publicly. To learn more about doing so, contact Pastor Tim today! God is calling you, to become.