Columbarium & Memorial Garden

The Columbarium and Memorial Garden Project is complete! Eighty niches, that each house up to two urns of cremains, are installed.
If you wish to memorialize loved ones who are interred elsewhere, please consider a Memorial Wall Plaque Scroll. Two large bronze plaques, are available where the name of your loved one can be displayed – forever a part of our Church home and Memorial Garden.
The new and improved Memorial Garden, with added seating, may be used for prayer, reflection and meditation, as well as a sacred place to pay your respects to those who have gone before us. The space may also be as used for small group meetings or outside reception space adjacent to our Fellowship Hall.
Donations continue to be accepted for the Memorial Garden Project as we lovingly maintain this sacred space. What a meaningful way to memorialize or honor your loved ones and/or our church family members by funding this important ministry. Yes, it is a ministry – to those that have passed and those that are left behind.
All the applications, forms and documents you might need, along with a list of FAQs, are available here. If you are interested in receiving a hard copy packet of information, they are available at the information table at the Main Entrance.
Any questions may be addressed to anyone on the Columbarium Committee by emailing [email protected] or calling:

  • Steve McCraith – 301.788.5987
  • Jan Schmidt – 301.807.9449
  • Eleanor Bateman – 301.461.7898

Columbarium Information